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Wenger Arsenal Best XI


Wenger’s best XI: The finest Arsenal players of the Wenger era

Wenger’s best XI: The finest Arsenal players of the Wenger era

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716 wins. 2,298 goals. There is and will only be one Arsène Wenger. The Frenchman was the driver behind making Arsenal a wildly successful club with global appeal. There’s no doubt that Wenger’s departure, while necessary, will be hard to get used to come next season.

Since Le Professuer took charge of the Gunners in 1996, he’s managed countless players and made bonafide stars out of a lot of them. Wenger had the ability to scout raw talent and mould them into world-class performers. At the same time, the Frenchman also displayed the knack to get the best out of veterans in the squad. In his time as Arsenal manager, Wenger has presided over teams with differing fortunes. Out here, we will be building a team comprising the finest talents Wenger coached in his 22 years at the helm.

Individual impact on the club was the biggest factor we took into consideration. This includes a combination of personal stats as well as trophies won. Along with that, we also considered the tenure of players. A guy who stayed longer at the club, while being a part of the first team, rightfully gets the advantage here. Lastly, performance under Wenger was an equally important factor. Players who played their best football under the Frenchman got the longer end of the stick in this case.

Believe me, there were quite a lot of gifted players to choose from, and a handful of them had to be left out. After all, there can only be 11 to make the team. But, here’s a set of players who were close to making it to the XI.

Jens Lehmann

Lee Dixon

Gilberto Silva

Ian Wright

Nacho Monreal

Aaron Ramsey

Robin Van Persie

Laurent Koscielny

Ray Parlour

Our final XI lines up in a classic 4-4-2 formation. No slight variations of any kind. A simple but effective formation, considering the quality at hand. Unsurprisingly, the ‘Invincibles’ era is most well-represented in the lineup. Then we also have a few from the years post the move to the Emirates.

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